An always-outraged feminist is now claiming that teenage boys asking non-teenage female celebrities to prom is sexual harassment.

Amanda Marcotte, who astounds me with her amazing ability to find outrage in pregnancy but no outrage over Rolling Stone covers that glamorize murderers, has accused high school student Patrick Farves of sexually harassing Miss America Nina Davuluri.

So, asking a woman to prom – if you know or think the answer would be "no" – is sexual harassment these days?

I had no idea I could have filed a police report against guys that asked me out in high school. What’s the statute of limitations on this form of sexual harassment?

Marcotte continued to rant about the issue in her Twitter feed, even claiming that responses to her original tweet makes her "think the inability to handle basic flirting and dating may be the cause of conservatism."

The insinuation is that some of the people responding to her were saying they were rejected by their wives at first but kept trying and eventually won them over. Seems to be a common marriage story, I’ve heard it a dozen times and at no time did I ever think "they’re only together because of sexual harassment."

And Marcotte's follow up tweet about conservatives not being able to handle basic flirting and dating … isn't that exactly what she illustrated when she became outraged over a simple PR stunt by a high school student?

If a high school girl asked a male celebrity to prom, would Marcotte be outraged? Apparently not, because searches of Marcotte's writing and Twitter feed found no outrage over the female Marine who asked Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball or the high school girl who asked Justin Bieber to her prom.

Marcotte also said the kid "pestered" Davuluri by asking her to prom – one time.

For what it's worth (which is apparently nothing to Marcotte), Davuluri doesn't feel sexually harassed. She even wrote the school asking authorities to rethink Farves' punishment.