The founder of the WikiLeaks confirmed Monday that his group has more material on Hillary Clinton, and that he's looking to "publish it in batches" over the coming weeks.

When asked how damaging the information would be to Clinton, Julian Assange said, "it remains to be seen."

"It is significant material, it takes a lot of work to verify the accuracy," Assange explained. He said WikiLeaks is now in the process of trying to understand the material, and how to release it for "maximum exposure."

Assange also refused to say whether Russia was behind the original hack of the Democratic National Committee emails, and said as a journalist, he doesn't "reveal our sources." Last month's publishing of DNC emails created havoc in the Democratic Party last week, as the documents showed the DNC was eager to see Clinton defeat Bernie Sanders.

It led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

"We brought down the head of the DNC," Assange said when asked if his group was being used by Russia to manipulate the election. "We have authentic information. The goal of WikiLeaks … is to educate the public. To turn a dark world into a lighter world."

The WikiLeaks founder lives in the Embassy of Ecuador, where he has been granted asylum. Sweden has been trying to extradite him releated to a sexual assault case for years.