Chris Cassidy, speaking from the International Space Station -- where the new movie "Star Trek Into Darkness" was beamed up for the astronauts to screen this week -- has two space berths ready for the movie's cast.

"Whoever can rush to a rocket first, you got a place to sleep," Cassidy said during a Google Plus Hangout sponsored by NASA on Thursday.

The very personable Cassidy gamely turned a circle in zero gravity when asked by John Cho (who plays Sulu): "Would you mind taking your hands off your mic, putting them behind your head and saying, 'Look ma, no hands.' "

"Trek" cast Chris Pine (Kirk), Alice Eve (Carol) and Cho, appearing together with writer Damon Lindelof from Los Angeles, hogged the question time with Cassidy, clearly fascinated by real life in space.

Lindelof asked what most annoys real astronauts about space movies, and Cassidy said it was probably artificial gravity.

"It would be far more fun if you could [make everybody float instead], because trust me, it's a lot of fun to do things like this," he said, demonstrating again.