For those who have seen all 13 episodes of the Washington-based Netflix show "House of Cards," there are many gasp-worthy moments throughout the first season. But get this, Washington -- Kevin Spacey, who plays the nefarious House Majority Whip Francis "Frank" Underwood, has one major compliment for his character over the real players in Congress. "It's very interesting that this series started a month after the last Congress ended its session, which was the least productive Congress in the history of the United States," Spacey told local glossy Capitol File, for the magazine's May-June cover story. "It's going to be interesting for audiences to look at a fictional congressional whip in a fictional administration who is, yes, ruthless and yes, perhaps diabolical. But he's effective." Point taken.

In addition, Spacey explained why he didn't think the "House of Cards" plot twists were over the top. "We were in the middle of filming 'House of Cards' during a presidential election," he noted. "I'd often get back to the hotel and turn on the TV, and think to myself, 'Our story lines aren't that crazy.' "

And even though the actor has been involved in politics for decades, he reiterated that his character on "House of Cards" would be the closest he would ever get to running for office. "I'm a person who likes to set a goal and then achieve it. I like to get things done," Spacey said. "I would never walk into a profession where I'd [know] I was going to be frustrated for the rest of my life."