Every year, the Leukemia Ball is D.C.'s largest nonpolitical black-tie fundraiser, this year taking in $2.75 million for the National Capital Area Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

On Saturday, the gala did get political for a bit, as the evening's comedian, "SNL" alum Dana Carvey showcased his collection of presidential impressions dating back to Jimmy Carter at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Carvey translated some of the most famous presidential sayings into President Obama's language of today. Instead of "It's morning again in America," by Ronald Reagan, "Obama would say something like: After a period of nightfall the sun will rise in the East and that's typically what we refer to as morning," Carvey said.

Obama might also say, "There are people in the world that disagree with our way of life who wish to do us harm," Carvey said, using Obama's careful rhetoric and vocal rhythm. "You mean evil-doers?" he interjected using the Texas twang of George W. Bush.

As for his own politics, Carvey said he couldn't be put into a box. "I'm apolitical; I'm a fiscal conservative, social liberal. I've got a dollop of Karl Marx and a big helping of Ron Paul," he told the crowd.