Monday night on Fox News, Sean Hannity called out the intolerant Left's well-orchestrated effort to silence conservative voices. He threatened legal action against those who bring false accusations. Sean couldn't be more right, and I say amen.

The body count is piling up and it is time to fight back. We have seen the Left stop at nothing to systematically destroy the lives of the people they disagree with. They will propagate falsehoods, demagogue and even resort to violence to shut down conservative voices — all the while getting cover from the media. And while the Right should never engage in the violent tactics of the Left, they should also never allow their voices to be stifled.

What is particularly troubling is that this shutting down of ideas is being taught and fostered on college campuses across the country. From Berkeley initially canceling Ann Coulter to the American Enterprise Institute's Charles Murray being met with physical violence at Middlebury College, free speech is under attack.

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley was disinvited from speaking at Virginia Tech because he has written about race issues from a conservative perspective. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was forced to rescind an invitation to deliver Rutgers' commencement address following protests on campus. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which fights for free speech on college campuses, estimates that there have been around 338 speakers disinvited since 2000.

Only the Left engages in shootings and the throwing of Molotov cocktails to protest those who are perceived to be on the Right. But who is going to stop them when liberal professors outnumber conservatives 12 to 1? That is why it is important for groups such as Turning Point USA to organize at the grassroots level on college campuses across the country to pushback against the Left with conservative ideas. They have also smartly called out specific teachers for their behavior on The Berkeley College Republicans should be lauded for filing a free-speech lawsuit in response to their school's handling of Ann Coulter's speaking engagement.

Off college campuses, the Left's response to people and ideas they disagree with is even worse. On Inauguration Day, cars were lit on fire by anti-Trump rioters, police officers assaulted, and businesses were destroyed. The Left has even resorted to violence against government officials. Rioters blocked Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from visiting a Washington, D.C., public school. Why didn't Democratic politicians stand up to say enough is enough?

The Left systematically attacks Christians. Twin brothers David and Jason Benham lost their HGTV show because of their religious beliefs. Chip and Joanna Gaines, who host HGTV's "Fixer Upper," came under attack because the church they attend disapproves of homosexuality. The entire Duggar family's parenting and values were questioned and criticized because of the sins of one family member.

We see this in politics as well. The Right is condemned and questioned about their views on issues such as abortion and traditional marriage. Yet, when Democrats support abortions at 20 weeks, a position at odds with the vast majority of Americans, they don't get questioned about it. They get a free pass.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez can proclaim that his party must support abortion rights, which is at odds with one-fourth of his party and the 47 percent of Americans who identify as pro-life, yet the Democratic Party will not be forced to answer for that statement. Can you imagine if a Republican leader made a similar statement? Every Republican in Congress would be hounded by the media to either support or denounce the declaration.

The very concept that Hillary Clinton or the Left could question President Trump's treatment of women is hilarious given her husband's past transgressions. Liberals such as Lena Dunham can claim she wishes she had an abortion, suggest she sexually molested her little sister, and falsely accuse a Republican from college of raping her, but that is all somehow more acceptable to the Left than being a Christian or a conservative. Madonna, a Hillary Clinton supporter, can claim she has contemplated blowing up the White House and Sarah Silverman can call for a military coup against President Trump. And there is virtually no blowback.

In the age of President Trump, the Left has become even more unhinged. That is why it is more important than ever for the Right to stand up for what we believe.

Lisa Boothe is a contributing columnist for the Washington Examiner and president of High Noon Strategies.