Natalie Barr, an anchorwoman for Channel Seven in Australia, is telling working women that it's time to stop blaming men every time they don't get a promotion or a job.

“I'm not angry at men. I can't remember being passed over for a promotion because of a man and I have never felt undervalued because I'm a woman,” Barr wrote for Australia's Daily Telegraph.

Barr said that in her youth she wasn’t given a cadetship (basically an internship for your entire college degree), but she never thought it was because of discrimination.

“I just had no bloody idea what I was doing; and they could tell,” Barr said.

But Barr kept at it, volunteering at her local TV station during breaks. That persistence paid off and she was granted a cadetship – by a man – with a newspaper in Perth, Australia.

“The pay was $142 a week,” Barr said. “That was for a D-grade cadet, man or woman.”

Barr said she never remembered the male cadets being given better stories than her. Sometimes she would get a big story, sometimes they would, and if they messed up a report, there was “definitely equal opportunity yelling.”

Barr now hosts “Sunrise,” Australia’s top early-morning newscast. She said she doesn’t know what her co-hosts earn and they don’t know what she earns.

Barr also said that she feels for women trapped in situations that are different from hers, but feels that there has been a recent uptick in blaming men for those situations.

“I know there are many women out there who are trapped in situations where they do feel disadvantaged, discriminated against and overlooked because they are women,” Barr said. “In no way am I underestimating their pain and frustration and helplessness and the need for change in industries where that’s happening.”

But Barr said, “I’m starting to wonder if many of us need to find a better drum to beat than the one that blames men for most of our problems.”

Don't expect the Obama administration to heed these words anytime soon. Obama traveled to Florida Thursday to continue pushing the myth that women are discriminated against and need government help.