Democratic operative David Axelrod took to social media Friday evening to denigrate the Democratic National Committee for tipping the balance of the presidential nomination race in Hillary Clinton's favor.

The former senior strategist for President Obama's re-election campaign tweeted out that it was a "harsh penalty" for the DNC to revoke access to Democratic Party voter data to Bernie Sanders after it was revealed that his campaign illicitly viewed data from the Clinton campaign. Afterwards, the Sanders filed an injunction in order to get the decision reversed, arguing that the data breach was the fault of the sofrware vendor hired by the DNC.

Axelrod said that the DNC is "putting [its] finger on the scale" in favor of Clinton, who is the Democratic front-runner by far.

He called the DNC's judgement to be "disproportional," and added that the DNC's reaction actually lets the Sanders team "off the hook for their own stupidity."

"If I were @HillaryClinton, I'd would have much preferred to see @BernieSanders campaign stew in its own juices," he concluded.

Shortly before midnight Friday, the Sanders campaign announced that access was returned to the DNC voter database.

On Saturday, Axelrod offered his "final" thoughts on "Filegate."

This isn't the first time Axelrod has dinged Clinton's campaign.

In September, Axelrod mocked the Clinton's new campaign strategy to "show more humor and heart," according to a report by the New York Times.

"Today's @nytimes story on HRC read more like The Onion: Her detailed plan to show more authenticity and spontaneity #Justdoit!," he tweeted.