Three D.C. Department of Corrections workers earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in backpay in 2011, making them some of the city government's highest-paid employees that year.

Two of the corrections workers -- health system administrator Michael J. DuBose and lead correctional officer Dexter W. Allen -- were the two top-paid employees in the District, according to salary data obtained in a public records request by The Washington Examiner.

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The workers' high pay was the result of settlements for personnel issues, according to Alex McCray, spokesman for the D.C. Department of Human Resources.

Backpay for corrections workers
Name Job Maximum base salary Pay in 2011
Michael J. DuBose Health system administrator $123,963 $431,429.96
Allen W. Dexter Lead correctional officer $65,316 $391,025.24
J.W. Braddock Richardson Program specialist $92,782 $182,332.56

Officials would not disclose when the issues were settled or what the issue was for each employee. It's also not clear how much each employee's settlement was worth, but McCray characterized the pay reflected in the workers' compensation in 2011 as backpay.

"That would be in the information we could not disclose," McCray wrote in an email.

DuBose led all D.C. government employees with $431,429.96 in pay in 2011, records show. Base pay for his job is between $88,545 and $123,963 annually, according to Sylvia Lane, a spokeswoman for the Corrections Department.

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Even if DuBose earned the maximum base salary for his position, the backpay he was owed from a personnel issue helped him earn three and a half times his normal salary.

"The settlements can be misleading, because they appear in the employee's regular paycheck, which makes the employees' salary appear higher than it really is," McCray said.

DuBose left the Corrections Department on Dec. 31, 2011, according to McCray.

Allen's backpay was even more, as he took home $391,025.24 -- at least six times the base salary for a lead correctional officer, a job that pays between $52,023 and $65,316 annually.

Each took home paychecks that totaled more than Mayor Vincent Gray and Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi's annual salaries combined.

DuBose's salary for the year was also higher than President Obama's $400,000 salary.

Another corrections worker, program specialist J.W. Braddock Richardson, was paid $182,332.56 in 2011, making him the 19th-highest paid city employee that year -- higher than Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe, who made more than $170,000, or Deputy Mayor Paul A. Quander Jr., who made more than $160,000.

A program specialist at the Corrections Department is paid between $72,010 and $92,782 annually, according to Lane.

Both Richardson and Allen still work for the Department of Corrections, according to McCray.

Examiner Data Editor Jennifer Peebles contributed to this report.