President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama like their date nights out, but more and more Americans are dining in, the latest sign that the economy isn't bouncing back.

Rasmussen Reports reveals that 42 percent of adults are eating out less often than just six months ago, a huge drop-off.

Some 50 percent say that they still go out as much as they did six months ago, but they are tipping a bit below the standard 20 percent. Rasmussen said that 41 percent tip 15 percent, while 33 percent feel that the 20 percent standard is correct.

How often do you go out to a restaurant for dinner?

41 percent rarely or never.

39 percent once a week

14 percent two or three times a week.

4 percent more than three times a week

2 percent not sure.

Compared to six months ago, are you going out more/less often?

7 percent more often.

42 percent less often

50 percent about the same as before.

2 percent not sure.

At dinner, what do you consider a standard tip for a waiter?

7 percent less than 10 percent.

15 percent 10 percent.

41 percent 15 percent.

33 percent 20 percent.

2 percent more than 20 percent.

2 percent unsure.