Consumers aren’t just forgoing crowded malls for online Christmas shopping, many are just closing their wallets altogether during the holiday season.

A new poll sent to Secrets finds that 17 percent won’t do any holiday shopping.

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In a poll of nearly 15,000 adult consumers from CivicScience, only about 7 percent “love going to the stores,” while 27 percent have shifted to online purchases.

Online shopping has become a big issue in Washington where proposals to push an Internet tax have stalled. Foes claim that an Internet tax will hurt the poor and younger shoppers, a group singled out by the NPD Group that sent Secrets the poll.

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“The latest survey results from NPD’s partners at CivicScience confirm that while in-store shopping is still attractive to some consumers, online shopping is growing in popularity and importance,” said NPD analyst Marshal Cohen. “Retailers seeking to set themselves apart and win favor with in-store shoppers have a clear opportunity to improve on the in-store experience.”

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