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“It may be the easiest form of punditry: look at any given situation in the Obama administration and imagine what that same move would have triggered from the media and from Congress if it had happened during the Bush administration. But the ongoing crisis at the southern U.S. border perhaps gives us the most striking example yet.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said ‘privacy rights’ of the Central American children who have illegally entered the United States are the reason governors around the country have not been given warnings about incoming busloads or planeloads of kids coming to their states, but somehow this kind of secrecy doesn’t prompt an uproar. We have passed into another reality. Imagine if the Bush administration had refused information about such a program or forbidden access to federal detention facilities housing illegal immigrant children not just to reporters, but even to lawmakers.

Jim Bridenstine, the Oklahoma congressman who fought for and eventually won access to the detention facility at Ft. Sill in his district released the memo from the administration dictating the conditions for his visit. Included on the list:

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