Trump insider Stephen K. Bannon, an architect of the administration’s immigration crackdown, is warning that Europe’s embrace of young Syrian men with little vetting will result in “combat divisions of terrorists” coming to the U.S. through an easy-to-get immigration visa.

Recalling a meeting he had in Germany before leaving the White House and returning to Breitbart News, he said he warned a German official that Europe had let in 1 million to 5 million Syrians without any reliable documentation. And, he added, after they get their European passports, they will be eligible to come to the U.S.

“If they get a German passport which—they’re all going to get a German passport—the visa waiver program gets them into the United States,” he said in a new biography, Bannon, Always the Rebel by White House reporter Keith Koffler.

“Just get on a plane and come here to the United States and you’re here as a tourist or you’re here as whatever. Principally, you’ve got what, 60 or 70 percent young men —how many combat divisions of potential terrorists do you think you’ve got in that? It’s just this kind of not looking reality in the face,” added Bannon.

Koffler’s book, published by Regnery, is set for release on Monday. Secrets was provided an advance copy.

“Bannon” is a well researched book full of new interviews of Bannon and his family and associates. It details his trip from young liberal wearing pink shirts to the tough-talking conservative American-first proponent he is known for today.

Koffler reveals some secrets, like Bannon’s decision to stop drinking, and how he started using a whiteboard way back in 1989.

Bannon’s push to cut immigration is portrayed as a bid to increase U.S. security and get blue collar Americans, especially blacks and Hispanics, back to work.

“We’re a nation of citizens; we’re not a nation of immigrants. So now we have to start to act like citizens come first. All policy should be oriented to making the working people in this country and the middle class in this country have a better shot at success. And we’ve gotten away from that. What we’ve done is brought in huge global competition for their jobs, for their schools,” said Bannon.

He added, “The people most affected by illegal alien labor [are] the black working class and the Hispanic working class. Go into the inner city. That’s why they’re not paying a guy 12 bucks or 3 bucks to flip burgers at McDonald’s. Because they don’t have to! They get all the labor they want.”

And he concluded, “Until we have the black working class and the Hispanic working class getting high-value-added jobs, we’ve failed as a society. To me: citizens first. And we don’t need a million immigrants in this country. Particularly, we don’t need a million immigrants that don’t come with a real set of skills.”

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