As former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass, took the podium at Netroots Nation yesterday, he apologized in advance for cutting his speech short to make a flight.

“I begin with an apology, I have an 8:30 plane because I have to be back,” Frank began. “I argued with the organizers about the schedule – I was right, they were wrong – but I can’t miss my plane so I will be very brief.”

Frank encouraged attendees of the annual liberal activist conference not to be offended.

“It is no sign of disrespect to you, it is the sign of the overconfidence in the organizers and their ability to control how long people talk,” he added.

Frank delivered a four-minute mediocre speech – pointing out that he disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United and reminded the liberal activists them that voting mattered.

“We can not allow the right-wing to win by default,” he said. “We can not allow our people to be discouraged.”

As Frank cut his speech short, he thanked his Congressional colleagues for restoring funds to the airports in spite of the sequester cuts.

“At this point I have to get off to the airport,” he said. “My colleagues were kind enough to change the sequester so that it didn’t help poor people, didn’t help old people, didn’t help the environment, but they did protect my ability to fly home and I don’t want to be ungrateful.”