Several hours after seeing his father get sworn in for a second time, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden stopped by a reception for wounded warriors Sunday night being held by the Artists and Athletes Alliance.

"I was extremely proud," Beau told Yeas & Nays. "He's worked really very hard, he's working very hard to be the best vice president he can be."

As far as that recent petition that popped up requesting that the vice president be the star of a C-SPAN reality show, his son pivoted. "My dad's great, my dad's exactly the same person everywhere," Biden said. "When you saw him swearing all those folks in at the United States Congress, I've never seen anybody walk away from an encounter with my father where it wasn't something that they talked to me about, knowing how sincere and kind he is."

No, but really, what about the reality show? "He's happy being vice president," Biden laughed.