A leading conservative talk host railed against the "dehumanizing" language that Donald Trump and his supporters use against a wide array of people.

In a Friday night interview with Fox News, Glenn Beck warned Republicans against going for a candidate who would forfeit constitutional freedoms for safety.

"You look at Trump supporters and they're dehumanizing anybody who stands against them — 'they're fat, they're pigs, they're losers, they're cry babies,'" Beck told Megyn Kelly, echoing references Ted Cruz made to Trump at the GOP debate Thursday.

"When he talks about women it's even worse," Beck added.

The syndicated radio host referred to comments Trump has made about instituting a religion test for incoming refugees, as well as bashing certain ethnicities.

Beck said unless Trump and company are called out for this language, the country is headed for massive troubles.

"When you dehumanize people, you're one step away from the jungle," he said.

Trump is ranked first in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.