Want more beer? Of course you do! Well, it would be a lot easier to party if unions and taxes weren't getting in the way.

Richard Yuengling Jr., owner of the D.G. Yuengling & Son brewing company, wants Pennsylvania to adopt a right-to-work law to make the state more attractive for businesses, according to the Associated Press.

Yuengling made the statement at the Pennsylvania Press Club and urged Gov. Tom Corbett, R-Pa., to take up such legislation and to reform corporate tax policies.

"How many times do you have to be taxed on the same dollar?" asked Yuengling, who said he wanted a reduction in the capital stock and franchise tax.

Yuengling had indicated in October that he would probably build his next brewery outside of the Keystone State due to the state's business climate and taxes.

"Pennsylvania is a great location. But it's not very business-friendly," Yuengling told Pennsylvania's PatrioNews. "You look for fair tax breaks, fair taxation. And the bottom line is more jobs. That's what it's all about."

In addition to better tax law, making Pennsylvania a right-to-work state would allow workers to opt out of joining a union and paying union dues, which could allow the business to expand more easily and hire more workers, as similar laws have done in other states.

Yuengling said that Corbett "is really trying to bring business back into the state," but that "it's not up to one man. Legislation has to pass this."