Secretary of State John Kerry touted "green" energy policy by suggesting that the "worst thing that could happen to us" if advocates of human-caused climate change were wrong wouldn't be so bad.

"The worst thing is we would create millions of new jobs; we would transition to cleaner energy ... we would have cleaner air, which would mean we have less hospitalization for children [with] asthma and people with particulates causing cancer; and we would have greater energy security for everybody and independence as a result. That's the worst that could happen," he said during a visit Wednesday to Mexico City.

Well, if that's what being wrong looks like, would Mexicans want Kerry and his fellow climate-change pushers to be right? The energy sources that Kerry said creates "more and more of the problem [of climate change] in a compounded fashion" are what keep Mexico up and running.

The most recent data available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (May 2013) show that Mexico has been built on and continues to grow thanks to fossil fuels. Mexico consumes 7.310 quadrillion BTU of primary energy in a year. In the same time, Mexico produces 2,907 thousand barrels of oil each day, and 1,684 billion cubic feet of natural gas and16.743 million short tons of coal each year.

Kerry's dreams of eradicating dirty, planet-killing fossil fuels and coal would mean lights out for Mexico.