Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse confirmed President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court criticized Trump's comments about federal judges in a private meeting with him, the second such senator to do so.

Speaking on MSNBC Thursday, Sasse said he asked Judge Neil Gorsuch about Trump's comment calling a federal judge who blocked his immigration order a "so-called judge."

"He got pretty passionate about it," Sasse said. "I asked him about the so-called judges comment … and this is a guy who kind of welled up with some energy and said any attack, I think his term to me was, on brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges and he believes in an independent judiciary."

Reports came out on Wednesday from Sen. Richard Blumenthal stating Gorsuch called Trump's criticisms of a federal judge "demoralizing," an account that was confirmed by people close to Gorsuch.

Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that Blumenthal was misrepresenting Gorsuch's comments.

Sasse, however, said that's not the case and Gorsuch was consistent in his defense of an independent judiciary.

"He understands why we have three branches and frankly it seems to me that's a good reason why his nomination shouldn't be politicized," Sasse said. "People all across the political spectrum should love the fact that he's going to be a warrior for our constitutional system of executive restraint and limits."