Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi have asked the same questions of every witness to appear before the panel, all of them related to Hillary Clinton.

While the committee has interviewed dozens of witnesses from a variety of government agencies, the Democrats have not asked questions specific to their involvement in the government's handling of the Benghazi attack, according to a report released by the minority Monday.

The report cited a number of articles and TV interviews that Democrats felt unfairly placed blame on Clinton for various aspects of the Benghazi attack, including the lack of security stationed at the diplomatic compound and alleged "stand down" orders that kept rescue personnel from intervening on the night of the raid.

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Democrats said the panel has failed to uncover evidence that Clinton told first responders to stand down, nor have they found anything to suggest that she dismissed requests for more security in the weeks leading up to the terror attack.

They blasted Chairman Trey Gowdy for requesting State Department documents related to the alleged transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria, which Democrats argued has been disproven by previous investigations.

Pentagon documents made public in May indicate sniper rifles and RPGs were shipped from Benghazi to two ports in Syria in August of 2012, the month before the Benghazi attack. Media reports have also repeatedly suggested the U.S. was involved in moving Libyan guns to Syria.

But committee Democrats were angered when Gowdy pursued that line of inquiry, noting none of the 54 witnesses who have been questioned about the operation had any knowledge of such a weapons transfer.

Committee Democrats developed a standard set of questions "based on some of the most prominent Republican accusations against Secretary Clinton over the past three years" and asked the same questions of all 54 witnesses, regardless of the nature of their involvement with the attack, the report said.

Excerpts of testimony by Cheryl Mills, Clinton's former chief of staff, indicate Clinton called on senior administration officials to take whatever steps they could to protect the the ambassador on the night of the attack. However, Mills' Sept. 3 interview lasted nearly nine hours, and the bulk of her testimony remains undisclosed.

Among other pieces of evidence cited in the Democrats' report was a passage from Clinton's own book, Hard Choices, that the Democrats argued was proof that Clinton had been truthful about officials' uncertainty over what had sparked the attack.

The Democrats drew extensively on testimony and records included in previous congressional inquiries to frame their defense of Clinton, as well as press clippings they felt supported their argument, despite the body of evidence uncovered by their own committee.

Jamal Ware, spokesman for committee Republicans, blasted Democrats for releasing the "premature" report ahead of Clinton's highly-anticipated interview later this week.

"Why is every single bullet point in the Democrats' press release about Clinton and not a single one about the four people who were killed or about providing better security in the future?" Ware said.

"This is further proof of the Democrats' obsession with covering for Hillary Clinton instead of investigating the Benghazi terrorist attacks," Ware added. "For the majority members of this committee, they will continue to wait until after hearing from all witnesses, up to and including the very last one, before drawing conclusions, because that is what serious investigations do."

Gowdy has resisted repeated calls to publish transcripts from closed-door interviews and other updates from his investigation, vowing to keep details of the probe under wraps until its conclusion.

The report Monday was the first major document release from either side of the committee since Gowdy published emails from Sidney Blumenthal, an informal Clinton adviser, in June.

Refuting a series of points that have been made against Clinton in regards to Benghazi, the new report maintained that the internal Accountability Review Board report, which State Department officials conducted shortly after the 2012 attack, is still "the definitive accounting of the inadequate security posture in Benghazi" despite several subsequent investigations by congressional committees.

Democrats delved into the evolving intelligence about what sparked the violence in the days after the attack. Administration officials infamously blamed the attack on a YouTube clip before walking that explanation back.

According to the report, Libyan officials provided U.S. analysts with a description of security camera footage taken shortly before the attack, but did not provide the video itself. Nonetheless, the CIA changed its assessment of how the attacks began on Sept. 18, 2012 — one week after the raid.