Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi fought back against claims that their investigation has been wasteful by noting Friday that panel Democrats have squandered far more resources in their attempts to obstruct the investigation.

"While Democrats on the Benghazi Committee have made a big show of pretending to care about the cost of this investigation, they've made zero meaningful contributions and spent virtually all of their time and effort on undermining and obstructing the committee's work, directly contributing to its length and cost," Matt Wolking, a spokesman for committee Republicans, said Friday.

Wolking said the committee's Democrats have spent more than $2 million while refusing to call new witnesses or request a single document.

By contrast, he said Republicans have summoned dozens of witnesses and pored over thousands of documents in an attempt to pursue a "thorough, fact-centered" investigation.

"Their incessant politicization of legitimate congressional oversight is appalling and grotesque, and only proves that the process could have been completed much faster if Democrats had helped with the work instead of delay it," Wolking said. "Of course, their motivations are obvious: They've endorsed the former secretary of state for president, and will no doubt continue to act as a full-fledged arm of her campaign, wasting taxpayer dollars on everything but getting answers for the families of the victims who were left without adequate security on Sept. 11 in one of the most dangerous places in the world."

Wolking noted Democrats have freely admitted to asking the same questions of every witness, most of which centered on Hillary Clinton, not on the events of the 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead.

Democrats have frequently levied similar attacks against the committee majority when it comes to the cost of the investigation, arguing the probe has drained millions while simply repeating the efforts of previous congressional investigations of Benghazi.