Berkeley, Calif., may soon let women go topless if its city council approves a change to its nudity laws.

The city council is considering amending its statutes concerning nudity to allow women to go topless in public.

Being nude in public was legal until 1994, when the city's decency code was changed after a student from UC Berkeley showed up for class completely naked.

Under current guidelines men can go shirtless while women are prohibited from doing so. City council members have been pressed by several women to consider changes to the nudity laws in order to promote gender equalization.

"I just don't think Berkeley should be defining [that] women are not allowed and men are allowed," Councilmember Kriss Worthington, who proposed the change, told KABC.

Worthington says he has heard from several residents who want to revert to the pre-1994 law and permit nudity in public.

The current proposal only applies to public streets and would allow private businesses to refuse service to those not wearing shoes or shirts.

Berkeley's city council is slated to vote on the measure on Sept. 12.