Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said on Sunday that although he is currently focused on other issues, he still feels it would "be appropriate" for President Trump to resign amid the longstanding sexual assault allegations against him.

"If (Minnesota Sen. Al) Franken could resign, I think it would be appropriate for the president to do the same," Sanders said on CNN's "State of the Union with Jake Tapper."

Tapper played a clip of Democratic senators saying they had "moved on" from calling for an investigation into the president for accusations of sexual harassment.

The Vermont senator responded saying that is not an issue on which they will be focused, but if Franken felt he acted inappropriately, Trump should feel the same. Sanders pointed to the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape unearthed prior to the presidential election in which the future president "boasted about his assault of women," Sanders said.

Sanders called for Franken to resign earlier this month over the sexual misconduct allegations against him, a move similar to many of his Senate Democrat colleagues.

Tapper said some senators now regret saying Franken should resign and asked Sanders if he felt the same.

"Look, Al Franken indicated that he was going to resign," Sanders responded. "What Franken did touches on an issue of enormous consequence for the country."

Sanders called for a national revolution in the way women are being treated in the workforce, saying that it should begin from the bottom up with a focus on individuals who aren't famous.