Even though the African-American community as a whole is split down the middle on the issue of gay marriage, BET founder Robert L. Johnson suggested that the LGBT movement might be a good place to look as black voters try to increase their political power.

"I think the gay and lesbian community has done a terrific job in representing their interests," he told a crowd at the National Press Club. "[They] never let anybody get away from the notion that they deserve, want to be treated, equally in every aspect -- and it's working."

Johnson, the country's first black billionaire, was mainly at the podium to talk about a poll he personally commissioned John Zogby to do. It explored what African-Americans are thinking about politics and society in the age of President Obama.

Looking to 2016, 46 percent of survey respondents said that they favored Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, while the Republicans party wasn't even in the question.

"It's a little bit too late for that gambit," Johnson said about the African-American voting bloc switching parties. "It would be really hard to motivate the people of this country to sort of say, OK, now, ignore the Democratic party."