Beyonce spoke of the importance of being "prepared for what comes next" during a televised fundraiser for hurricane victims.

"The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day," she said at the "Hand in Hand" benefit concert Tuesday evening. "Just this past week, we've seen devastation from the monsoon in India, an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico and multiple catastrophic hurricanes. Irma, alone, has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to the Southern United States. We have to be prepared for what comes next. So tonight we come together in a collective effort to raise our voices, to help our communities, to lift our spirits and heal."

Beyonce was joined by a slew of other celebrities, some of whom, like actor Leonardo Dicaprio, have been leading climate change activists.

During his opening performance, Stevie Wonder discredited those who don't believe in global warming.

"Anyone who believes that there's no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent," Wonder declarted.

Other celebrities that participated in the Hand in Hand telethon included Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Gwen Stefani, and Ray Romano.

Celebrities also fielded phone calls from those making pledges to assist those affected by the hurricanes.