Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic favorite to run for president in 2020, is taking some credit for the Democratic victories in Tuesday’s elections.

“Nearly every single candidate that I endorsed,” he emailed supporters, “was elected.”

Biden has been making moves to position himself for the 2020 Democratic primaries. He is the clear heir to the Obama coalition who some consider more electable than Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

He recently came in second in a Zogby Analytics 2020 poll, but he trailed former first lady Michelle Obama, who has indicated she isn’t interested in running.

Zogby Analytics Poll

Biden also said that he plans to push for the election of Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race to fill former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ seat.

Biden’s full note is below:

Yesterday, millions of Americans around the country used their votes to demand, full-throated, a different kind of leadership.

They voted against hatred. Against divisiveness and fear-mongering. They said: Not here. Not on our watch.

And last night, nearly every single candidate that I endorsed at your recommendation was elected.

And we can’t let up now. This fight continues today and tomorrow. All the way into 2018 and beyond. Chip in what you can, and let’s keep changing the face of leadership in this country.

Last night, Justin Fairfax — Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor-Elect — became the second African American elected to Commonwealth-wide office in Virginia history.

Danica Roem, elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates, became Virginia’s first openly transgender elected official after unseating the man who wrote the state’s anti-transgender “bathroom bill.”

Manka Dhingra, a PTSA mom and anti-domestic violence advocate, is the newest member of the Washington State Senate — which, thanks to her victory, now has a Democratic majority.

Manchester, New Hampshire got their first-ever woman mayor when they elected Joyce Craig.

And that’s just to name a few.

Together, we endorsed a set of leaders whose backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences are as diverse as our country itself. That’s exactly how it ought to be.

Folks, those with the courage to oppose hate still far outnumber those who promote it. That's the America I know. That's the greatness of this nation.

Let’s go fight like hell to keep it that way:

Next up: Doug Jones in Alabama.



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