Vice President Joe Biden predicted that laws about how people store weapons in their own homes are coming, though he acknowledged such bills would “find the limits” of the Heller case that overturned the gun ban in Washington D.C.

“I think you’re going to see some initiatives that are going to come along to find the limits of that D.C. case,” Biden said during a Facebook town hall with Parents Magazine, referring to legislation that would ensure “that a loaded weapon is not in the reach of a stranger or a family member who is not competent to use it.”

Biden also supported the idea of parents checking on how friends store weapons before they allow their children to go to other peoples’ houses.

“That’s a judgement for every parent to make,” Biden said. I wanted to know if they had a swimming pool — whether or not it was locked, whether there was a gate . . . I don’t think it’s irrational for you to ask whether or not there are guns in the home and how they are stored.”

He also encouraged women to buy shotguns rather than AR-15s. “Kate, if you want to protect yourself, get a double-barreled shotgun,” Biden replied to one question (h/t Shawna Thomas). He argued that AR-15s are “harder to aim” than shotguns.