President Obama deserves praise for promoting jobs for American veterans, but perhaps he is failing to meet many of their health care needs.

During an event Tuesday promoting jobs for veterans, Vice President Biden reaffirmed one of his favorite talking points about caring for our veterans.

“We have a lot of obligations — to our children, to the elderly, to the poor.  But there’s only truly sacred obligation in my view, and that’s to equip those we send to war and care for those who come home from war and their families,” Biden asserted. “That’s a sacred obligation.”

Meanwhile, the number of disability claims that are pending at the Department of Veterans Affairs is nearly 900,000. More than 600,000 claims have been in the system for more than 125 days.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Mark Flatten, it currently takes about 291 days for the agency just to rate a claim.

White House press secretary Jay Carney assured reporters earlier this month that Obama was “engaged in an all-out effort to complete this critical mission.”

“The president is kept abreast of this problem regularly,” he said. “It’s one he considers a significant priority of his. And he is very impatient for results.”

I expect that our veterans are too.