Speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference this morning, Vice President Joe Biden told his audience President Obama has done more than any other United States president to help protect Israel.

“I’ve served with eight Presidents of the United States of America, and I can assure you, unequivocally, no President has done as much to physically secure the State of Israel as President Barack Obama,” he said.

Biden told the crowd Obama has been a “bulwark” both against physical attacks on Israel and also against attempts to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a nation:

 Let me tell you what worries me the most today — what worries me more than at any time in the 40 years I’ve been engaged, and it is different than any time in my career.  And that is the wholesale, seemingly coordinated effort to delegitimize Israel as a Jewish state.  That is the single most dangerous, pernicious change that has taken place, in my humble opinion, since I’ve been engaged.

And, ladies and gentlemen, it matters.  It matters.  To put it bluntly, there is only one nation — only one nation in the world that has unequivocally, without hesitation and consistently confronted the efforts to delegitimize Israel.  At every point in our administration, at every juncture, we’ve stood up on the legitimacy — on behalf of legitimacy of the State of Israel.  President Obama has been a bulwark against those insidious efforts at every step of the way.

A growing number of voters disagree with Biden. More than ever, they say Obama is not supportive enough toward Israel, according to a new poll by The Hill.

“A full 39 percent said Obama is not supportive enough, the highest percentage The Hill Poll has seen,” the story notes.

More voters say Obama is anti-Israel than say he is pro-Israel, the poll found, 30 percent to 28 percent.

The Obama administration has repeatedly refused to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The U.S. embassy in Israel is located in less-controversial Tel Aviv, and the administration maintains the status of Jerusalem has to be decided through negotiations.


H/T Washington Free Beacon