In spite of a conflicting narrative, Vice President Joe Biden identified himself with the middle class, while campaigning in Iowa this afternoon, insisting to the audience that Republicans don’t understand “us” in the middle class. Biden added that being middle class was more of a “way of life,” than an income level.

“I love these other guys, they talk about us as a number, ‘Was it $49,270 or $52,719 dollars? What’s the definition of the middle class?’” Biden said. “The middle class, is a value set, the middle class is a way of life.”

Biden and his wife Jill, earned $379,035 last year and owns a home in Delaware valued at about $2,856,950.

Biden explained that people in the middle class wanted to send their kids to good schools, own their own homes, and live crime-free in their neighborhoods, and dreamed of their children having better lives than themselves.

The Vice President reminded the crowd that he got “angry” at Republicans for suggesting that the middle class were “envious of the rich.”

“(I)mplications were made by folks on the other side that somehow the middle class, we have class envy,” Biden said. Remember that? ‘We have wealth envy’ that’s what we’re about, ‘Biden is about wealth envy.’”

“Let me tell you something man,” he added. “They don’t understand where we all come from.” Biden admitted that his parents “weren’t poor,” didn’t “work in a factory” and were “white collar” workers but that his family was “normal.”

“Barack makes me sound like I climbed out of a coal mine in Scranton with a lunch bucket,” he added. “But I didn’t.”