Vice President Biden is optimistic that technological developments will endow handguns with a built-in gun violence prevention device, one that Americans might recognize from watching the latest James Bond movie.

"Someday, not in the too-distant future," Biden predicted on during a Google+ hangout Wednesday (see embedded video above), there would be biometric technology in the grip of firearms that would make it so that "the only person who can fire the gun is the person who legally purchases that gun."

Such technology has already prevented one murder — in "Skyfall." (You can see the weapon in the movie trailer). Popular Mechanics discussed the gun control significance of such technology in a write-up on the Bond weapons.

"Such safeguards have been researched for years, because some see them as a way to merge public safety and gun ownership rights," Popular Mechanics said. "But the NRA doesn't like the idea of such expensive safety devices being mandated by law, and the anti-gun crowd doesn't like things that could promote ownership and a false sense of security."