Media Rights Capital, the production company that makes the HBO show "House of Cards," got special tax breaks from Maryland for filming the first two seasons there. Early this year, MRC asked for more, and threatened to leave.

In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state.

The Maryland Legislature responded by trying to take the company's stuff. A state delegate channelled "House of Cards" main character:

I literally thought: What is an appropriate Frank Underwood response to a threat like this?…Eminent domain really struck me as the most dramatic response.

Matt Mitchell at the Mercatus Center explains what's going on here:

Though privileged firms may not focus on it when they obtain their favors, privilege almost always come with strings attached. And these strings can sometimes be quite debilitating.

I've written on how unfaithful a bedfellow government is. Consider the student lenders, colleges and export subsidies.