Four Republican lawmakers will be hit with Spanish-language ads during the Congress's August recess attacking them over their immigration stances, the Service Employees International Union said Tuesday.

The targets are Reps. Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman of Colorado, David Valadao of California, and Joe Heck of Nevada. The ads will hit them for blocking immigration reform, opposing the DREAM Act and "attack[ing] our children at the border as if they were criminals."

"While these Republicans are back home, they will not only have to hear about their failures on the radio, but we will be in every town hall, making sure they hear from their Latino and immigrant constituency. Make no mistake, this August, we’re making our voices heard and registering to vote," SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz said.

The ads will also encourage Hispanics to register to vote, directing them to a SEIU-hosted website,

The text of the ads against Coffman and Gardner reads as follows in English:

It's simply unacceptable: Mike Coffman & Cory Gardner, together with the Republicans, have blocked immigration reform.

Worse yet, they voted to deport our DREAMers.

And now, this is the limit — Republicans attack our children at the border as if they were criminals.

One Republican congresswoman even said that immigrants are invading the United States and suggested many recent immigrants could be rapists and murderers.

Stop with the attacks! Our community is united.

We need leaders who will fight for our community. That's why this November we will vote against Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner, and the Republicans.

We are registering and we are voting.

Go to mi futuro dot org and register today!