More than three-fourths of Americans are worried about government corruption, and 52 percent of those surveyed believe it has worsened in the past five years, according to a new survey released today.

The worries about government corruption span the ideological spectrum, with 68 percent of Democrats expressing a high level of concern, along with 75 percent of Independents and 88 percent of Republicans.

Only 20 percent of those surveyed professed little or no concern about the issue, according to the survey that was conducted for Judicial Watch and Breitbart News by The Opinion Company/Women Trends Dec. 13-16.

The survey included interviews with 1,000 adults, with 65 percent of the interviews conducted on landlines and 35 percent on cell phones. There is a three-percent margin of error.

Other highlights of the survey results include:

Government's ability to self-police corruption is seen as declining: "A 52 percent majority of Americans think the government is actually doing a worse job at policing corruption in Washington, D.C, in the past five years, while just 18 percent think the government is doing better.

"An equal number of Democrats say corruption has worsened (33 percent) as say it has improved (33 percent) during their party’s control of the White House."

Voter fraud is a major unaddressed problem: "Three-quarters, 75 percent, of adults recognize voter fraud as a problem in the United States, including 36 percent who believe it is a 'major' problem and 39 percent who think it is a minor problem.

"The percentage of adults who consider it a problem remains at above 70 percent among males and females; whites, blacks, and Hispanics; and all age brackets from 18 to over 65. Only 15 percent think voter fraud is not a problem."

Where's the transparency? "When campaigning for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama promised to have the most transparent government in history. Yet, a 41 percent plurality of Americans now believe the federal government is actually 'less transparent' since Obama became president.

"Four-out-of-five adults, 80 percent, do not recognize any improvement during President Obama’s tenure, compared with just 16 percent who say it is 'more transparent.'”

Leave health care policy to the states: "Adults are more than twice as likely to be confident in their state government’s ability to handle healthcare issues, 44 percent, than the federal government, 18 percent – although a separate 27 percent of respondents volunteered 'neither of the above.'”

"Trust in the state government is highest among those under the age of 45, at 48 percent, and lowest among blacks at 24 percent."

Enforce the immigration laws on the books: "A plurality of Americans, 49 percent, believe that the U.S. should enforce immigration laws currently on the books and expect illegal immigrants to return to their homes rather than changing the law to provide legal status for illegal immigrants already here.

"The majority of those aged 45 to 54, 52 percent, favor enforcing current laws, as do those making $35,000 to $50,000 a year, 51 percent. A full 71 percent of Republicans support enforcing immigration laws, with 21 percent in favor of changing them."

“The Judicial Watch-Breitbart poll shows that the American people are thoroughly disenchanted with a government they see as corrupt and secretive,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“The support for the rule of law on immigration runs against the establishment narrative pretending there is overwhelming support for mass amnesty.

"On a host of issues — ranging from corruption to transparency, to election integrity, to Obamacare — President Obama is completely out of touch with the American people,” Fitton said.

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