Freed from the policy decisions that used to sap their popularity, Bill and Hillary Clinton now have a higher favorability rating than President Obama, who continues to languish in the mid-40 percent range.

The weekly Economist/YouGov poll provided to Secrets pegged Obama's favorable rating at 45 percent while the popularity rating for both Clintons is 54 percent.

It's getting so bad for Obama, mired in multiple scandals, that Vice President Biden's approval numbers are catching up and he now stands just three percent behind his boss, a two-point gain in just one week.

Hillary Clinton has kept her favorables above Obama, but this is the first time Bill Clinton was measured and the results suggest that the Clintons, who teamed at last week's annual Clinton Global Initiative conference, are still the most formidable political duo in the nation.

Clinton is expected to take another run at the presidency and her husband will be her biggest ally. It remains unclear if Biden will run, but his ratings won't be a hurdle.

Obama is also seeing a continued fall of his job approval rating. The new poll had it at 43 percent approve-50 percent disapprove. And just 34 percent approve of his foreign policy, highlighted this week by the president's trip to Northern Ireland and Germany.

The far-reaching weekly poll also included a question that might explain some of the nation's disgruntlement with Obama. Asked if they thought "next generation of Americans will have a higher or lower standard of living than people today," only 17 percent said "higher." Another 56 percent said "lower," and 26 percent didn't know.

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