DAVENPORT, Iowa — Bill Clinton welcomed his wife on stage with something you don't see often from the Clintons: a hug and a kiss. As the two made their first joint campaign stop in Iowa Friday night, Bill Clinton energized the crowd as the high powered pair assured voters they'd be getting a two Clintons in the Oval Office if they elect Hillary.

"When I'm elected president I'm sure he'll be a really good advisor about how to get jobs growing and incomes rising and help folks get ahead," Hillary said as Bill walked off stage to roaring applause.

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton is nearly equally popular as her chief opponent Bernie Sanders. But at the Friday evening event in Davenport, you might think that the Clintons have all the enthusiasm.

A few thousand people filled the downtown Coll Ballroom until they could barely move. A cover band played twangy, feel-good country music interspersed with Clinton's signature pop-y playlist, and the concession stand ran out of M&Ms before Clinton took the stage. The crowd was predominantly people over age 40, many of them groups of three or four older women who came to see the Clintons on a Friday night.

"I'm just so excited about her now," Darlene Carlin, a silver-haired woman who came to the event with her daughter, told the Washington Examiner after the former first couple stepped off stage. "I thought Bill Clinton was a good president, he had good ideas and I'm hoping that when she has a question she might ask him for advice."

In front of the crowd, the Clintons appeared calm, energized and unified as they praised each other's accomplishments and rallied supporters. When the 42nd President took to the stage he described his wife as a knowledgeable "fighter" who has the ability to "make everything she touches better." He energized the crowd with applause and laugh lines as he talked about watching Hillary overcome challenges during her years in public service.

"Folks, you can talk about change, but somebody's gotta make it," the former president said of his wife's campaign.

With three days until the Iowa caucus, Bernie Sanders' ground game is gaining momentum, and the Clintons may not have the win they expected eight months ago, when she outpolled Sanders by over 50 points in Iowa.

With the help of a slew of high-powered surrogates, such as Gabby Giffords and Tom Harkin as well as Chelsea and Bill Clinton, the Clinton campaign has been attempting to remind Iowa voters of the tour de force behind her last name.

"They really did sell themselves together," Sharon Hitchcock, an undecided voter who caucused for Clinton in 2016 said. "The thing about Bill Clinton is that he knows how to trim the debt … so his knowledge and her knowledge together is a pretty good package. You can't deny it!"