Bill and Hillary Clinton are slated to appear together at a Texas music festival this fall.

The former president and secretary of state will make a rare joint appearance Nov. 17 at the Irving Music Festival in Dallas, where they will take questions from the audience. It is the first appearance the two will hold since Clinton's stunning defeat to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has begun to have a more public profile, giving more speeches, as she prepares to release a memoir entitled "What Happened" in September.

Clinton also launched the Onward Together super PAC earlier this year with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean to fund and support a coalition of Democratic groups led by activists and organizers. The group hired two veteran campaign staffers in August to help manage the group.

Only 4,000 tickets will be available, if the event is kept as an indoor-only affair. The venue can also accommodate 8,000 as an outdoor venue. Tickets for the event start at $99 and will go on sale Aug. 18.