Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., believes voters already had a “referendum” on the allegations of sexual assault and harassment brought against President Trump, and he’s content to respect their decision.

After weighing in on the allegations of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter during a Monday interview with the Washington Examiner’s editorial board, Cassidy was further asked whether he sees any problems with Trump’s past that speak to him in the same way as Porter’s alleged conduct.

“Ultimately, it's up to the voters, and the voters have made a referendum on that,” Cassidy said. “And the nice thing about the voters is, they’ve had the equivalent of an FBI report.”

But the Louisiana Republican didn’t let Trump totally off the hook

“Now, are there things in the president’s past which are problematic?” asked Cassidy. “Of course.”

“But,” he added, “we've had that situation going back to Andrew Jackson where the voters decided something wasn’t as important that others thought were, and that’s one thing about having your life open for everybody to look at.”