Former President Bill Clinton purchased a set of note cards depicting cats perched on various St. Louis landmarks last month during a trip to Missouri.

“He immediately went right to the St. Louis section,” Debra Boussum, bookstore manager of the American Institute of Architects St. Louis, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “He really took his time. I think he was loving it.”

Clinton also selected a deck of cards of famed St. Louis Cardinals players and two books for his grandchildren, The Book of Bones, highlighting various animal skeleton world records, and The Most Awesome Arch, a fictional story of a squirrel who visits the Gateway Arch.

Clinton stopped his motorcade after seeing the bookstore window.

Clinton has been involved with the American Institute of Architects for years and Clinton spoke at their national convention in 2015. The American Institute of Architects is also involved with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton was in St. Louis on Nov. 1 to visit several health and science programs affiliated with the Clinton Foundation.