Liberal HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher said Democrats have failed to understand why they lost the White House in 2016 and said a significant portion of the party simply doesn't appeal to voters.

"Of course, when you're nowhere you can only go up," he told the website ATTN. "I don't, unfortunately, see a lot of people who have learned the lesson so far. You can just tell that the kale-eaters — well, see, there's an important distinction: There's liberals like me and then there's the kale eaters, and the kale eaters, they're the ones who are dragging this party down."

Maher described the "kale eaters" as excessively sensitive to the point of oppressing when it comes to free speech.

"A kale eater is someone who believes the Vagina Monologues should not be performed because it's insufficiently sensitive to the .03 percent of women who do not have a vagina," he said.

President Trump campaigned heavy against what he called a culture of "political correctness" that has effectively neutered the American spirit.

Much of his success and media attention during the campaign has been attributed to his willingness to say controversial things and refuse to back down when criticized.