Liberal political comedian Bill Maher joked Friday night that when the House Republicans passed a bill this week that would repeal and replace Obamacare that they were telling Jimmy Kimmel's baby to "go screw yourself."

The joke is in reference to Kimmel's tearful plea on his late-night show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for Obamacare in which he revealed his newborn son has a heart defect, a pre-existing condition he said would likely not be covered by health insurance without former President Barack Obama's signature health plan.

Maher, on his HBO show "Real Time," said the GOP bill "basically lets the states be the bad guys and deny coverage of people with pre-existing conditions."

"[N]ever underestimate these bastards," he said. "We thought we had them a couple months ago, healthcare came up in the House, didn't pass, oh, these fuck ups. Nope, they did it. They did it the other day. They told Jimmy Kimmel's baby, go screw yourself."

He also took issue with House Republicans joining President Trump afterwards for an event in the Rose Garden of the White House celebrating the bill's passage.

"There they are. Look at them, high-fiving each other and congratulating him. Look at all these white assholes," Maher said. "Somewhere there's an Elks Lodge going: where's everybody? Trump got carried away and grabbed a pussy, [House Speaker Representative] Paul Ryan."