Liberal HBO host Bill Maher touched on the fast speed of the federal investigation into President Trump during his monologue Friday night, joking that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is "so far up Trump's ass, he had to ask [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to scoot over."

During the "Real Time" host's monologue, he spoke about journalists scrambling to confirm the leak last week that Trump was now under investigation for obstruction of justice. Maher joked that as they did, Trump himself confirmed the allegations during his "4 a.m. poop tweet." Trump's legal team denies that the president actually confirmed the report.

Maher joked that Trump confirming the leak on Twitter makes the scenario like the Watergate scandal if "'Deep Throat' was Nixon."

Maher then went into the rapid pace of the investigation again, saying Mueller has already hired 13 lawyers has plans to hire even more.

"He [Mueller] is so far up Trump's ass, he had to ask Putin to scoot over," Maher joked.