Bill O'Reilly suggested he may make an appearance on CNN on its Saturday morning "Smerconish" show on his No Spin News online web show Wednesday evening.

O'Reilly interviewed Smerconish's host Michael Smerconish for the first episode of the online web show he started after his April 2017 dismissal as the popular news host of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News. Towards the end of the interview, he suggested to Smerconish that he may appear on his show.

There is no date for a CNN appearance yet, but it would be his first appearance on CNN, the cable news channel he criticized as part of the "left-wing media" during his time at cable rival Fox. CNN noted O'Reilly has appeared on NBC, CBS, and ABC, but not CNN.

According to CNN, O'Reilly's appearance will be part of a promotional effort for his new book, "Killing England," the latest in his series of history books that is scheduled for release on September 19.

The two men have worked together before, as Smerconish served as O'Reilly's primary fill-in for his syndicated radio show The Radio Factor for five years.