Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer has a very simple message for candidates who support American oil and gas jobs: “The goal here is not to win. The goal here is to destroy these people.”

First on Steyer’s list for destruction: Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass.

Lynch’s crime? The former ironworker and local union president supports the Keystone XL pipeline, a project which President Obama’s own State Department says will create 48,000 new American jobs.

Lynch is running against Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts special election to replace Secretary of State John Kerry. Markey opposes Keystone as does Steyer. “Really, what we’re trying to do is to make a point that people who make good decisions on this should be rewarded,” Steyer told The Hill, “and people should be aware that if they do the wrong thing, the American voters are watching and they will be punished.”

Steyer has a long list of people who support oil and gas jobs that he would like to punish. “I see this as a very broad-based societal change that has to take place. This is a target-rich environment,” he said. In fact, he wants to do for global warming what billionaire Michael Bloomberg has done for gun control. Bloomberg has spent millions supporting pro-gun control Democrats in House primaries in Illinois and California. But not all Democrats are happy with Steyer’s spending.

“The vast majority of voters are focused on paying their bills and keeping their jobs,” Lynch spokesman Conor Yunits told Politico. “They don’t have the same priorities as billionaires.”

Lynch is right. Contra Steyer, a full two-thirds of Americans support the Keystone pipeline.

Most Democrats however, are very happy with Steyer’s pocketbook. President Obama will be the gust of honor at a $35,000 a person Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser at Steyer’s San Francisco mansion tonight.