Biscuit, the elusive Shih-Tzu who was caught earlier this month in the Franconia area, had run away from his owner more than two years ago, police officials said.

Fairfax County Animal Control officers nabbed Biscuit on April 6 after learning several months earlier about a dog who had been living on his own. But at the time that Biscuit was caught, authorities did not know how he had ended up alone.

On Friday, police officials said that the tiny dog's owner had reported her pet lost on Sept. 30, 2010. Biscuit had fled the day after his owner purchased him from a breeder listed on Craigslist. The area where Biscuit lived on his own was near where his owner lived.

The dog's owner had posted flyers in the neighborhood and searched for him for a few months after he fled. But eventually she thought that he was gone for good, and she has since purchased another dog, officials said.

Biscuit's owner decided to surrender the dog to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. The Shih-Tzu will be in foster care so that he can adjust to living with people. After adjusting to living with people in foster care, the dog will be available for adoption.

The animal shelter will accept multiple applications and will choose the best home for him. The shelter has already received dozens of calls from people interested in adopting Biscuit. Those interested in pet adoption can contact the shelter at (703) 830-1100.