Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are poised to rally around Hillary Clinton following her 21-point defeat at the hands of Sen. Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D.-N.Y., told the Washington Examiner that "a substantial number" of CBC members plan to endorse Clinton on Thursday. "It could be that all of the Democrats will be making the same choice, but not the caucus," he said, explaining that the caucus itself can't make a formal endorsement.

Such a move from CBC members could help Clinton thwart Sanders' effort to reach out to the minority voters he needs to build on his New Hampshire victory. Clinton's team has emphasized her strength and Sanders' relative weakness among black and Latino voters, but the Vermont senator met with Al Sharpton for breakfast on Wednesday morning in an attempt to generate goodwill.

Rangel dismissed Sanders' outreach as insignificant. "The meeting with Sharpton ... has absolutely nothing to do with blacks and Bernie Sanders," he said.

Asked about whether Clinton could suffer, as The Nation suggested Wednesday, because of her support in 1990s for the crime legislation that Bill Clinton signed into law, Rangel responded by criticizing Sanders. "It was a terrible law," he said. "Bernie supported it."