Rep. Blake Farenthold said he will reimburse the federal government for an $84,000 harassment claim from an ex-staffer.

Farenthold, R-Texas, told in Corpus Christi that he plans to take out a personal loan to repay the money, but otherwise has been prohibited from discussing the matter because of the 1995 law governing the way Congress must handle workplace claims.

"I'm going to hand a check over this week, to Speaker Ryan or somebody," Farenthold told the station. "I wan to be clear that I didn't do anything wrong, but I also don't want the taxpayers to be on the hook for it."

Farenthold told the TV station he was forced to use federal funding for the payout to his former communications director, Lauren Greene, who complained of a hostile work environment and retaliation when she complained about it.

Congress has faced a wave of public criticism over the disclosure of federally funded harassment payouts that are kept secret.

Legislation has been introduced to expose lawmakers behind the claims as well as force House members to pay claims out of their own pockets.