Vice President Biden last night was quickly pressed in front of the camera for an Obama campaign video to reassure supporters that the President, in fact, did a “wonderful job” in his first debate against Mitt Romney.

“Hello everybody, if you just finished watching the debate like I did, I’m sure you’re as proud of President Obama as I am,” a slightly bleary-eyed Biden explained to the camera.

Noting the “stark choice” in the election, Biden added, “I think the president did a wonderful job making it clear just how stark that choice is.”

Biden then began retelling the story of the debate, insisting that Mitt Romney failed to produce a plan to save the middle class.

“Folks, I hope you saw what I saw tonight. Two candidates with a fundamentally different visions and fundamentally a different set of values,” Biden said.

Noting that there were only 34 days until election day, Biden encouraged all supporters to work harder to register voters and get people to vote.