This is no snow job: President Obama's grassroots organization has developed a plan called 'blizzarding' for his supporters to plow into neighborhoods and communities to sock GOP critics of Obamacare, gun control, and climate change as part of its "Action August."

While other elements of Obama's Organizing for Action are planning high-tech and expensive assaults in August on GOP lawmakers, the 'blizzarding' strategy calls on small groups or even individuals to promote the president's agenda with a door-to-door campaign followed by hyped up social media.

In email directions to supporters, OFA said "'blizzarding' means flyering or delivering postcards to help bring an important issue to the attention of more people and lawmakers in your community."

It's the most grassroots plan of all, seeking individuals to print up flyers and pamphlets to drop in their neighborhoods and to hold small events to talk up the president's agenda.

No matter how small the effort, the president's group said it can have a big impact, especially if it is promoted heavily on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or on blogs and radio.

The goal is to unify the president's supporters and put lawmakers on notice, said OFA.

From the OFA email:



Spreading the word: Blizzarding can help raise the profile of an issue, provide community members with important information, and inform them where their lawmakers stand on the issue. In many cases, constituents who strongly support an issue don't know that their elected representatives may be planning to vote against their wishes.

In addition to letting people know where their lawmakers stand on an issue, blizzarding is a way to make those lawmakers aware that this is an issue that their constituents care about and are engaged with. An important part of this action is making sure that lawmakers know about--by posting on social media, and encouraging local media to cover your work.

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