In her first book, "Type A+," Quin Woodward Pu wrote about her last six months of college and her decision to forgo medical school and instead pursue a career as a writer. This month she's released a sequel, entitled "Digfast," which chronicles her move to Washington and her first foray into the D.C. social scene. "Once I wrote the first book I was just like -- I can't not write," Pu, who pens the Little Black Blog, told Yeas & Nays. "For me, it's such a natural thing because I document everything in my life."

It begins in May 2009, as Pu drives into the District and then out to College Park, where she lives in a group house with a bunch of college athletes. She starts blogging and working in public relations and going out, a lot. "I'm realizing now there's a lot of Georgetown," she said. (Third Edition, L2, Smith Point and City Tavern Club all make cameos.)

Besides her portrayals of partying, Pu's book touches on bigger ideas like finding the right career path. The daughter of a Chinese immigrant, Pu's relationship with her father is on the rocks after she ditched plans to attend John Hopkins' medical school. Another goal of the book is "challenging stereotypes, kicking down first impressions," Pu noted. On her book cover Pu dons short shorts and big heels, but she's also an opera-singing, piano-playing Republican. "People are always shocked to hear I'm a Republican, always," she laughed. "I challenge a lot of stereotypes, in that Republicans aren't always snoozy, nerds can be awesome -- obviously -- because everyone in D.C. is nerdy."

To celebrate "Digfast's" release, Pu will be holding court at the City Tavern Club on Friday, May 31, for a book signing and cocktail party. Tickets for the event are $25.